CCCC Announces Community Service Projects for Earth Day

Spring clean your wardrobe BETTER this year. 

Recycle your denim and shoes!

Did you know that a  2021 report from the World Economic Forum identified the fashion industry, and its supply chain, as the planet’s third largest polluter (after food and construction)?  According to the EPA, 1 in 2 people are throwing their unwanted clothes straight in the trash. The result: 16 million tons of textile waste ends up in American landfills each year. 

CCCC is addressing this locally
                                   by hosting a jean and shoe recycling drive on Earth Day.

Our goal is to DIRECTLY keep hundreds of pounds of clothing waste out of our local landfill by collecting your past-wearable denim and shoes, and shipping them directly to product recyclers.  Cotton Denim is recycled into Blue Jean Insulation for homes, a great, non toxic alternative to fiberglass.  Shoes are recycled into mats for playground equipment, and eliminate the need for new rubber production for cushioned mats or other plastic materials at playgrounds. 

To promote this service, we will be collecting your too-destroyed-for-resale cotton jeans, jackets, or denim scraps, as well as unwearable shoes, and consolidating them for shipping.  Just bring your clean denim items (COTTON DENIM ONLY) and old shoes to the CCCC info booth at the Earth Day Festival 1-4 on Friday April 22nd and we will box and ship for you! 

We are also asking for donations of LARGE cardboard boxes in good condition for shipping.  Can’t make it to Earth Day?  No problem!  You can ship your stuff  any time by visiting this link here and printing out your free shipping labels: 

OR you can drop your recyclables at Box of Bubbles, who has offered to be an ongoing recycling location.  To schedule a drop off, contact Ken at 719-539-7443.  

Clean Up The Riverfront- Earth Day Trash Pick Up! 
10am-12pm  Riverside Park

What to bring:

– used plastic grocery bags
– refillable water bottle/coffee cup
 -sturdy shoes. 

(We have extra gloves and bags)

CCCC Volunteers are organizing a big trash clean up of the heavily trafficked areas of the Arkansas River near Riverside park, the morning of Earth Day! 

Join us at 10am at the CCCC info booth at Riverside Park  in Salida to organize pick up locations with our volunteer lead and grab a cup of coffee generously donated by Cafe Dawn!  (Thanks Phillip!) 

  We will pick up trash, clear areas of the bike/walk path of debris, and do our part to keep trash out of the river, and natural spaces.  The clean up will end by 12, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the Earth Day Festival and Parade!  Hope to see you!

Call For Earth Day Helpers! Volunteer with the Climate Coalition for Earth Day!

Putting on such a large event is a lot of work for our small board and volunteers- we would love to have you join us! Helping set up, keep the park clean during the event, take down tables and canopies, and haul trash and recycling are all needed on Earth Day! There is a lot of behind the scenes organizing too… sending out social media posts, making thank you cards forour great sponsors, and following up with participants are all things we need help with.

We’re a fun group to work with, and your time is always greatly appreciated, even if it’s just an hour here or there. Please reach out to our community organizer at or fill out a contact form on this website and tell us you’d like to volunteer.


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