Earth Day Official Press Release

CCCC Earth Day Press Release

The Central Colorado Climate Coalition is excited to announce the Arkansas Valley’s Annual Earth Day Celebration 2023, to be held in Salida, CO Saturday, April 22nd.  Please find the outline of events and announcements below.  We have organized the information into three separate PSA’s with radio, press, and event calendars in mind.  For interviews and additional information, please contact our Community Organizer, Angie Thompson at   Updates including partner events that weekend, speaker list, and complete schedule may be found on our website at   A copy of the official event poster is attached, and available in additional formats upon request.

Who:  Presented by the Central Colorado Climate Coalition, a local 501c3 non profit

What/When/Where:  Earth Day Celebration 2023,  Saturday April 22nd in Salida, CO


  -The Parade For The Species:   a community parade for everyone  

Line up: 10:30 am- Alpine Park,   Parade: 11:am-12pm- F Street to river

-Act Locally!  A Speaker Series:  presentations by local volunteers and organizations working on sustainability issues in Central Colorado.  Learn how to get involved!

Salida Scout Hut: 1-3pm  

Tickets by donation at the door- limited to 75 participants- come early!

Why:  The Parade For The Species is a local tradition encouraging people to dress up and celebrate the beauty and diversity of species on planet earth.  Everyone is welcome to march in the parade, and dressing up as your favorite plant, animal, or insect is highly encouraged.  We also welcome our local green businesses and non-profits to represent themselves in the parade and share their services with the community.  Participants are urged to bring a refillable water bottle  and lunch to eat downtown, then join us for presentations and networking at the Scout Hut.  Come learn what you can do locally to be involved in sustainability actions year round!

For more information, and to see the complete calendar of partner Earth Day events, visit the Climate Coalition website:

CCCC Earth Day Shoes and Jeans Recycling Drive PSA

Who:  Presented by the Central Colorado Climate Coalition, a local 501c3 non profit

What:  CCCC is holding a recycling drive for shoes and blue jeans that are too shabby to be worn, or donated to a thrift store.  Jeans will be turned into home insulation, and shoes are recycled into playground equipment.  Give your old garments new life!

When:  Saturday April 22nd in Salida, CO from 12-3pm

Where:  Curbside at the Salida Scout Hut.  Climate Coalition volunteers will have a donation station set up out front

Why:  A 2021 report from the World Economic Forum identified the fashion industry, and its supply chain, as the planet’s third largest polluter.  According to the EPA, 1 in 2 people are throwing their unwanted clothes straight in the trash. The result: 16 million tons of textile waste ends up in American landfills each year.  You can make a difference by shipping your used shoes and jeans straight to recyclers instead.  Use our free donation station on Earth Day, or get free shipping labels any time by visiting:

Box of Bubbles To Hold Free Community Costume Workshops In Preparation for Earth Day

Who:  Presented by Ken Brandon and Box of Bubbles: A Community Laboratory for Self Expression and Connection ( A local 501c3 non profit)

What:  Box of Bubbles will host free workshops in preparation for the Earth Day Parade For The Species to support community members and organizations wishing to participate with recycled costumes and banners.  Learn to create your own unique character or sign with costume expert Mr. Giraffe -(aka Ken Brandon) at this community art space

When:  Multiple times available in March and April, contact Ken at Box of Bubbles to schedule by calling 719- 539- 7443

Where:  Box of Bubbles at 135 E Second St, in Salida 

Why:   Recycled costumes are better for the planet, and a fun way to participate in Earth Day.  We invite you to explore how we can better reuse and recycle materials in this fun and playful way.

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