Think Globally.
Act Locally.

Our Mission

INFORM: We send out regular newsletters and educational articles about local sustainability issues and actions to take, as well as host educational talks and events.

UNITE: We work closely with Unbottle
Protect Chaffee County on water
protection, No Mining On Methodist on public lands and trail preservation,and nationwide organizations like Story of Stuff on fighting plastic pollution.

INFLUENCE: We engage local and statewide media in our campaigns through letters to the editor, guest articles, protests, and direct challenges to policy makers. Rural does not mean invisible!

EMPOWER: Our primary goal is to build a coalition of organizations and residents that understand and feel empowered about actions they can take locally to fight climate issues in the Arkansas Valley.

Our History

Our group originally formed as a branch of 350 Colorado, and worked closely with activists all over the state on issues of climate change and fossil fuel extraction. As members watched the Ark
Valley face challenge after challenge around public land, water, and county sustainability practices, it became apparent that Central Colorado had unique and important issues that required our full attention.

We believe the most immediate way we can address climate change, is by facing the challenges at home, and empowering our members to take bigger actions as informed representatives of our community.

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